Linux Stuff

Image credit: Kevin Horvat on Unsplash

My favorite Linux distributions are Pop!_OS, Ubuntu and Manjaro. In this project, I am covering my installation processes, experiences, and personal setup for the different distributions. Also you will find here my contributions to timeshift-autosnap and timeshift-autosnap-apt of which I am a developer.

I try to do both, provide written guides as well as videos about e.g. my installation process or stuff I do with Linux. For instance, I really like to use btrfs as a file system (until Ubuntu’s ZFS support and implementation takes over), so the official installation processes need to be adapted and I will show how. Also I cover how to set up a RAID 1 on my systems.

You can find the guides and links to YouTube videos on a dedicated sub page: Installation Guides and on my new YouTube Channel.

Principal Investigator & PostDoc & Open-Source Enthusiast

My research interests include quantitative macroeconomics, econometrics and time series analysis.