🐧 Linux

Table of Contents
  • Installation guides

    In these tutorials and videos I show my process to install and setup different Linux distributions on both desktop computers/laptops as well as on servers. My post installation steps are also covered, i.e. which settings I choose and which apps I install and use.

  • My backup strategy

    My strategy to backup Linux, macOS and Windows machines using a combination of Nextcloud, rsync, restic, rclone, BTRBK and Time Machine.

  • Why I (still) like btrfs

    My personal experiences and notes on the btrfs filesystem.

  • Timeshift (under construction)

    My personal experience and projects regarding Timeshift.

  • References

    On this page I will collect all the references I use for my tutorials, guides and notes. btrfs installation guides The installation guides are a write-up of my personal experiences with Pop!